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Published on May 27, 2024
San Antonio Zoo Unveils Dino Adventure Park Featuring Life-Size Dinosaurs This SummerSource: Google Street View

San Antonio is going prehistoric this summer as the local zoo launches its new exhibit, featuring 18 life-sized dinosaurs that are guaranteed to be a roaring good time. According to KENS 5, the Dino Adventure Park, which is presented by Bank of Texas, opened its doors on Saturday and will remain a staple of San Antonio Zoo until September 2. Zoo-goers will be greeted by the iconic T-Rex, triceratops, and velociraptors, which they can snap pictures with.

"Get ready to roar with excitement as we bring the wonders of the prehistoric era to life right here in San Antonio with Dino Adventure Park, Presented by Bank of Texas," Tim Morrow, President & CEO of the San Antonio Zoo, expressed with enthusiasm. The dinosaurs are not alone as they stand among regular denizens of the zoo such as lions, rhinos and bears, making for an interesting juxtaposition of epochs and creatures.

The experience at the Dino Adventure Park extends beyond giant replicas; there's a buffet of dino-centric activities and entertainment on offer. As reported by KSAT, visitors have the chance to lose themselves in prehistoric fun with a fossil dig, and a 4-D dinosaur show that promises to mesmerize guests of all ages. The park also leans into the theme with an assortment of dinosaur-themed treats and drinks, ensuring a fully immersive trip back in time.

For dino-enthusiasts hungry for more, Dinosaur George will be on hand to impart his extensive knowledge on the following dates: June 8-9, July 6-7, and August 17-18. These appearances promise to enrich the dino-adventure with professional insights into these fascinating beasts that once ruled the earth.