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Published on May 20, 2024
San Diego Sheriff's Department in Manhunt for Tattooed Felon in Rancho Santa FeSource: Google Street View

The manhunt is on in Rancho Santa Fe. The San Diego Sheriff's Department has cast a wide net for Brandon Fraser, a 39-year-old white male with a felony warrant, as reported by their official social media. Standing six feet tall and weighing 260 pounds, the wanted man is easily recognizable by his face tattoos.

San Diego Sheriff's Department took to the skies, with loudspeakers from helicopters blaring out Fraser's description, urging the community to stay vigilant. He was last seen wearing a red and black checkered shirt and gray pants, a statement obtained by the department's X page. While the nature of his felony warrant has not been disclosed, the community has been cautioned to approach this individual with care.

The buzz of helicopter blades over the houses in Rancho Santa Fe is not common, evoking mixed feelings among residents. Although the Sheriff's Department has not revealed the charges Fraser faces, given the intensity of their search, they signify a considerable threat to public safety.

Residents of Rancho Santa Fe, rattled by the commotion, have been cooperating with the authorities. Reporting sightings in real time, they have been the eyes on the ground, complementing the search effort from above. The San Diego Sheriff's Department continues to investigate, knitting together leads in hopes of quickly apprehending the subject and restoring tranquility to the community.