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Published on May 15, 2024
Senator Sonya Halpern Returns to University of Hartford as Emblem of Alumni SuccessSource: Georgia Senate Press Office

Alumna Senator Sonya Halpern returned to her alma mater, the University of Hartford, on Sunday to inspire a new generation of graduates. Addressing the crowd as part of the 2024 commencement exercises, Sen. Halpern, who is also the Vice Chair of the Senate Democratic Caucus, reflected on her journey from a business student to a political figure in Atlanta.

Having walked the same halls, Sen. Halpern spoke to the crowd "as a proud MBA graduate," according to Georgia State Senate Press Office. Not forgetting her roots, she emphasized, "My journey from student to senator has been shaped by the values instilled in me during my time at this esteemed institution." It seems the connection between academia and real-world success was put on full display by her words.

The event marked another notch in the university's belt, recently having been recognized as a 2023-2024 College of Distinction. With a flourishing alumni network exceeding 85,000 individuals, the University of Hartford continues to bolster its reputation as a breeding ground for professionals and leaders.

In her speech, Sen. Halpern went on to stress the significance of education in fostering future leaders who are capable of steering the societal ship. In her view, imparted to the graduates were the tools of change, a legacy she herself is a product of. "I am deeply grateful for the privilege to address the next generation of leaders," she told the graduates, "knowing that they carry with them the potential to create positive change in our world," according to Georgia State Senate Press Office.

The university has not only contributed to the personal growth of renowned individuals like Sen. Halpern but continues to affirm its role in shaping the intellectuals and innovators of tomorrow. Photos from the occasion are circulating, providing a glimpse into the day's festivities and the Senator's homecoming.