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Published on May 29, 2024
Severe Storm Cripples Garland, Texas with Power Outages and Infrastructure DamageSource: City of Garland

Garland, Texas found itself in the dark after a severe storm tore across the city, leaving a swath of power outages and toppling infrastructure in its wake. In the interest of public safety, all city offices shuttered doors Tuesday, the City of Garland disclosed. Emergency personnel remained on high alert, responding unflaggingly to distress calls funneled through the 911 system.

The fallout was palpable city-wide, with Garland Power & Light grappling with electrical disruptions. The utility's hotlines – 972-205-3000 or 833-403-2106 – were set ablaze with outage reports, while residents were prompted to text 972-205-4000 for swift assistance, Oncor, another utility operator, received outage reports through an 888-313-4747 lifeline. Despite best efforts, the extent of the damage proved daunting, and many Garland residents remained powerless into the night.

After taking a battering from Mother Nature, Garland's infrastructure was left buckling under strain. Citizens were urged to email the Office of Emergency Management at [email protected] with documented instances of storm damage—be it mangled traffic signals or structural wounds inflicted upon buildings and homes.

The tempest's legacy did not end with blinking out the lights. Essential municipal provisions, such as sanitation, found themselves caught in the storm's aftermath, the city warned. The delays are an expected ripple effect of the severe weather's passage, but they add to the mounting challenges residents and city services alike are now navigating.