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Published on May 19, 2024
Tennessee Community Mourns as 10-Year-Old Asher Sullivan Passes After Storm Accident, Heroically Donates OrgansSource: Facebook/Jimmy Sullivan

Asher Sullivan, a 10-year-old boy who endured a tragic accident amid severe weather in Tennessee, has succumbed to his injuries. His father, Dr. Jimmy Sullivan, the Director of Schools for Rutherford County, confirmed his son's death in a Facebook post Saturday evening, according to WSMV.

The young boy was caught in a storm drain on May 8th as neighbors banded together to clean up after the storms that ravaged their area. Asher was later discovered in a drainage ditch, severely injured. He was immediately placed on life support at Vanderbilt, as reported by Alaska's News Source. Dr. Sullivan revealed that an MRI taken late Thursday showed progressive brain damage, which had worsened significantly from a scan five days prior.

During a meeting with neurologists on Friday, Dr. Sullivan shared, "Asher’s vitals crashed." His son's condition deteriorated as he began to lose critical autonomous functions, signaling a grave turn in his fight for life. "He will have an honor walk at the hospital in the next few days and be celebrated as he is, a hero!" Dr. Sullivan wrote in mourning yet with pride for his son's final selfless act — choosing organ donation to potentially save lives even as his was ebbing away.

The decision to allow Asher to continue to give in death as he would have in life, was described by his father as "a," Dr. Sullivan told NewsChannel 5. This gesture ensures that the young boy's legacy will endure, his life a beacon guiding others to safe harbor through the organs he will now bestow upon those in dire need. Details on the honor walk and the families served by Asher's final gift are still to be made public.

Vanderbilt, where the Sullivan family has been holding vigil in these past agonizing days, was also the place where Asher's heroic journey found its end. According to his father, the family opted for Asher to remain on life support while arrangements for organ donation were being made. More information about the boy's tragic death and the aftermath of the incident will be released as the family works through their loss and the life-saving procedures enabled by his organ donor status.