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Published on May 15, 2024
Tennessee Couple Accused of Drug Trafficking Killed in Texas Shootout with Law EnforcementSource: U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

A Tennessee couple was killed in a shootout with Texas officers after being suspected of drug trafficking, according to multiple reports. Edward and Elizabeth Stevenson, who were reportedly under investigation by the Putnam County Sheriff's Office for drug-related activities, met their end in a dramatic exchange of gunfire with law enforcement on a Texas highway.

After an undercover operation that included purchases of illegal drugs, detectives executed a search warrant on May 9 at the Stevensons' home, as reported by WSMV. The search turned up nearly a pound of methamphetamine, fentanyl, and multiple firearms. It was at this time that the detectives learned the Stevensons were purportedly transporting more drugs through Texas, equipped with weapons and a readiness to engage in what they dubbed "suicide by cop."

Donley County Sheriff's deputies attempted to apprehend the couple, leading them on a prolonged chase before halting their semi-truck. The ensuing gunfight resulted in the couple’s deaths. A haul of 64 pounds of cocaine, estimated to be worth around $3.4 million, was discovered in their vehicle, according to WVLT.

Footage captured by a motorist showed the chaos as police shot at the truck's tires in an attempt to stop it—a sequence captured by a bystander, as per NewsNation. "He's on his rim on the front tire," narrates the shocked onlooker filming the scene.

"This was great work by the PCSO Drug Unit to take down a massive illegal drug operation here in Putnam County," Farris said, as per WVLT. He attributed the presence of such an operation to the nation's open border policies and noted the cooperation among law enforcement agencies in this case.