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Published on May 20, 2024
Two Injured in East Side San Antonio Drive-By Shooting, Elderly Man Among Unintended VictimsSource: Google Street View

Violence erupted on the East Side of San Antonio yesterday, sending two young males to the hospital following a drive-by shooting. The San Antonio Police Department responded to the incident on the 900 block of North Mittman Street, where a juvenile and a man in his early 20s became the unintended victims of a dispute turned deadly.

According to the initial investigation, an altercation between people in two vehicles escalated when a separate blue Hyundai Sonata drove by and unleashed a hail of bullets. The juvenile, caught in the crossfire while at a nearby apartment complex, sustained injuries. Meanwhile, a man in his early 20s suffered a chest wound and, in critical condition, was rushed to the hospital, as KENS5 reported.

The violence did not discriminate, reaching into the homes of residents along Mittman Street. A 69-year-old man, confined to a wheelchair, became an unwitting participant in the chaos; a stray bullet, having pierced his home's wall, left him injured. The condition of the elderly victim has not been disclosed.

Authorities are actively investigating the motive behind the shooting and the potential connections between the individuals involved. In the wake of the shooting, local community leaders have not yet commented on the matter. SAPD has not identified any suspects publicly, nor have they made arrests. The department urges witnesses or those with any relevant information to come forward.