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Published on May 11, 2024
Authorities Investigate Overnight Spree of Vandalism Targeting 22 Vehicles at Cordova's Hilton Garden InnSource: Google Street View

Guests at the Hilton Garden Inn in Cordova woke up to a rude awakening Thursday morning, with a total of 22 vehicles having been vandalized overnight. Action News 5 reported that the cars, all parked outside the hotel on Ikea Way, had their windows smashed and interiors rifled through in the sweeping burglary incident.

Police responded to the disturbance just after 5 a.m. after being alerted to the break-ins. While it remains unclear if any items were taken from the vehicles, the few victims, who spoke with police reported that they hadn't lost any valuables. Nevertheless, the damage to 22 vehicles does not become any less vexing in the absence of theft, nor does the sense of violation diminish.

Adding to the chorus of dismay, one traveler, Christian Harbula, found himself among the victims. "There was glass inside everyone's car. Everything within the cars were all turned inside out," Harbula described the chaotic scene, as FOX13 captured his account. His rear driver's side window was busted, his belongings scattered.

Harbula who hails from Nashville and was visiting the Cordova area, recounted his experience to FOX13, "I came out this morning at about 6:30 and noticed that my rear driver’s side window was busted, and someone had rummaged through the car." A shared sentiment among guests, as reiterated by News Talk 989, was a collective relief that, while their privacy had been invaded, their possessions remained intact.