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Published on May 20, 2024
Worcester Man Charged with Assault to Murder After Alleged Knife Attack on NeighborSource: Facebook/Worcester Police Department (Official)

A Worcester man has been slapped with charges after cops say he took a knife to his neighbor during a heated brawl, police reported. The vicious attack, which occurred last Saturday on June Street, left one man with a slit throat and the other in cuffs.

Officers from the Worcester Police Department rushed to the scene around 10:12 am after receiving a tip about the altercation. And when the blue arrived, they found one of the neighbors bloodied but conscious, he told the officers that the argument got savage when his neighbor went all psycho with a knife. According to a statement obtained by the Worcester Police Department, Kenneth Benson, 38, was the man behind the blade.

With no fuss, the cops nabbed Benson in his apartment and now he’s facing charges that could lock him up for a long stretch: assault to murder and assault & battery with a dangerous weapon. The victim, whose name hasn’t been served up, was still alert and talking when the ambulance whisked him to the hospital.

In Worcester, a neighborhood argument escalated into a knife fight, reflecting a broader pattern of violence fueled by personal disputes. Police are investigating the cause of the altercation that nearly cost a man his life. Meanwhile, Benson awaits his court date, and the victim is grateful to be alive.