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Published on June 10, 2024
6,000 Food4less Workers to Decide on Strike Over Wage and Safety Disputes Amid Stalled Contract TalksSource: Google Street View

As the expiration of their current contract looms over with no new deal in sight, approximately 6,000 Food4less workers represented by the United Food and Commercial Workers Local unions are preparing to cast their votes on a potential strike. The union, which is comprised of multiple locals, including 8GS, 324, 770, 1167, 1428, and 1442, is calling for increased wages and enhanced safety conditions. Voting is set to conclude on June 14, as noted reported by ABC7.

The negotiations between the union and Food4Less, a subsidiary of The Kroger Company, reached a stalemate, leading to the expiration of the contract on June 8. A union statement pointed out the complications in the discussions, "When we started contract negotiations with Food 4 Less/Foods Co., we made it clear that it (was) important to us that we reach a tentative agreement before the contract expiration and we came to the table willing to put in the time and work to get that done," as stated by CBS News Los Angeles. Union officials expressed their frustration, adding that the employer has been underestimating their worth with proposals that fail to meet expectations.

Meanwhile, Food4less has responded to the mounting tension, sharing a statement that emphasized their dedication to reaching an agreeable settlement for their associates. "From the start, our focus has been on reaching an agreement that benefits our hardworking and dedicated associates. We are deeply disappointed that UFCW Southern California chose to leave the bargaining table before contract expiration, rather than working together to prioritize the needs of their members — our valued associates," Food4less said, as per CBS News Los Angeles. The statement stressed the company's disappointment with the union's decision to opt for a strike authorization vote rather than continue negotiations.