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Published on June 14, 2024
Alameda County DA Pamela Price Hosts Roundtable in Hayward to Combat Gun Violence SurgeSource: Alameda County District Attorney's Office

In a proactive approach against the tide of gun violence, Alameda County’s District Attorney Pamela Price, convened a roundtable to confront the issue head-on. The gathering, consisting of law enforcement and public health officials, took place in the City of Hayward, with discussions centered on safeguarding neighborhoods from the escalating threat of gun-related crimes.

The venue for this pivotal conversation, as reported by the Alameda County District Attorney's Office, was the Glad Tidings International Church of God in Christ. Hosted by Bishop Jerry Wayne Macklin, the roundtable saw representatives from across Alameda County, police departments included, come together to devise strategies to curb gun violence. According to the DA’s office, DA Price led the efforts with an unwavering commitment to address the core issues contributing to gun violence.

Recent spikes in gun-related incidents have elevated the urgency of these discussions, with law enforcement agencies doubling down on community collaborations. Experts from the Alameda County Public Health Department also lent their insights at the roundtable, emphasizing a holistic response to the gun violence that plagues community streets and homes.

The Alameda County District Attorney's Office highlighted the importance of the event, noting how crucial it is for various stakeholders to sit down together and chart out actionable plans. "District Attorney Pamela Price and her dedicated team spearheaded this vital discussion, delving deep into the pressing issue of gun violence impacting our neighborhoods and the best ways to protect the public," the statement read.