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Published on June 19, 2024
Alameda County Sheriff's Office Renews Call for Tips on 2005 Cold Case of Elzie Winston Jr. in HaywardSource: Alameda County Sheriff

Nearly two decades on, the Alameda County Sheriff's Office refuses to let the memory of a cold case dim or the pursuit of justice fade. They are reaching out to the public anew for help in solving the tragic killing of Elzie Winston Jr. This appeal, amplified through the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, serves as a somber reminder on the anniversary of the day Winston's future was stolen from him—June 18, 2005.

It was in front of the Sports Fan Club Bar situated on Liberty Street in Hayward when witnesses recount that Winston, aged 25 at the time, fell victim to gun violence following an altercation with an unidentifiable black male the sequence of events took a violent turn as a chase ensued down the street, culminating in shots fired and Winston fatally wounded. With leads exhausted and no suspect identified, the authorities are imploring anyone with information, no matter how seemingly insignificant, to step forward and contact their Cold Case Homicide Unit at (510) 667-3661; those wishing to remain anonymous can share their insights at (510) 667-3622.

The sobering reality that the case remains unsolved serves as a chilling reminder of the painful wounds endured by communities scarred by unsolved crimes. While time may pass and the noise of the world may grow louder, there are those bound by blood, bound by heartache, who are held hostage by unanswered questions. The Alameda County Sheriff's Office stands as a beacon of hope for these souls, asserting with its recent outreach that it is never too late for the scales of justice to balance and never too late for peace to be restored to families in turmoil.