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Published on June 18, 2024
Alert Employees Lead to Arrest of Burglary Suspects in Vallejo, Meth Found on SuspectSource: Google Street View

On a regular June afternoon, the Vallejo Police Department responded quickly to a burglary report at a building nestled within the 1400 block of Coronel Avenue. The incident, which took place on June 16, led to the arrest of two suspects following a tip from alert staff members who reported suspicious activity on the premises.

According to the Vallejo Police Department, the employees observed an unknown male and female inside the building and even noticed the damage to their fence, with one suspect seemingly trapped. The first responders were quick to fully investigate the scene. Upon their arrival, they detained a male and female that matched the staff's descriptions. The staff confirmed these were the very individuals they had spotted earlier.

During the suspects' apprehension, a search revealed methamphetamine in the male's possession. The Vallejo PD officers conducted a sweep of the property, during which they found more than just the trapped suspects. They uncovered significant damage, including a shattered electrical box, suggesting a scene of both intrusion and destruction.

Further inspection of the suspects' vehicle led to the discovery of what could only be described as a toolkit for thievery—items such as prybars and a sawzall, all possibly used to break into and enter structures under the guile of night or the boldness of day. These items, along with the damages found at the scene, painted a clear picture of intent and action. The couple were then booked into Solano County Jail, facing burglary charges.

The vigilant employees who spotted the suspects were praised by the Vallejo Police Department for their keen observation and timely reporting. "Thanks to the vigilant employees, our officers were able to apprehend these burglars and help keep our community safe!" the Vallejo Police Department stated on social media. This response not only led to arrests but also potentially averted further burglaries in the Vallejo community.