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Published on June 12, 2024
Blaine Invites Residents to Decide on the City's Best Snapshots in 2024 Impressions of Blaine Photo ContestSource: Facebook / City of Blaine, Minnesota, Government

It's time to let your clicks do the talking as the city of Blaine beckons its residents to cast their votes in the Spring 2024 Impressions of Blaine photo contest. Snap judgments are welcome until June 30th, and the competition is showcasing the local talent through a lens that captures the essence of Blaine's vibrant community and its breathtaking landscapes. With categories ranging from "Community Events and Landmarks" to the adorable "Pets", there's a slice of Blaine for everyone to appreciate.

Those interested in participating can easily browse through the gallery of submissions and vote for their favorite snapshots. To really try and make your vote count, head over to BlaineMN.gov/ImpressionsofBlaineVote, where the local shutterbugs' works of art are displayed. Remember, it's not just a matter of aesthetics; these photos narrate the story of Blaine through the seasons, and your vote contributes to selecting the images that will symbolize the community's shared memories and experiences.

According to the city's official Facebook page, the contest features four categories that cover almost every aspect of life in Blaine. From the candid "People and Families" to the stunning "Wildlife and Nature", there’s a category to showcase every angle of Blaine's diverse environments and their inhabiting characters.

With deadlines fast approaching, the citizens of Blaine are encouraged to deliberately take part and support local talent. Each photo tells a unique story; it’s up to the voters to decide which narratives will be awarded the honor of winning. So, with a simple click, go ahead and make a statement about what visuals define your city. What are you waiting for? Dive into the digital album and to start to curate the best images that Blaine has offered up this spring.