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Published on June 12, 2024
Boston Police Delight Kids with Mini Cruiser at 'Touch a Truck' Event During Charlestown Parade WeekSource: Boston Police Department

Over the weekend, amidst the festivities of Charlestown Parade Week, Boston's youngest citizens got the chance to get behind the wheel—a miniaturized one, at that. The Boston Police Department's District A-1 Community Service Office participated in the 'Touch a Truck' event, showcasing an array of vehicles for families to explore and introducing a pint-sized addition to their fleet: a mini cruiser designed for kids.

According to a statement by the Boston Police Department's newsroom, the "junior police operators" enjoyed patrolling in the kid-sized cruiser, complete with lights and sirens. Despite the damp weather, the mini cruiser was said to have kept spirits high and engagement rolling.

The event was noted for its variety of vehicles, but the BPD's latest addition seemed to be the star of the show. Children enjoyed role-playing as officers of the law, with the rain doing little to deter their enthusiasm.

"Thank you to our officers and civilians in District A-1, our Fleet Management and Radio Shop teams for coming up with this idea and making it happen," as stated by the Boston Police Department, acknowledging the collaborative effort behind the charming attraction. Demonstrating the community engagement efforts of the Boston Police Department, the weekend's event paints a picture of a department keen on connection and positive experiences with the public—especially its youngest members.