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Published on June 21, 2024
Brentwood Police Nab Suspected Thief After Multi-City Foot Chase Near Target StoreSource: Brentwood Police Department

A theft suspect with prior brushes with the law was arrested after a foot chase in the Brentwood area. The event unfolded around 4:30 PM when an officer on patrol identified 27-year-old Julian Ramirez, a suspect in a theft at Famous Footwear. Recognizing Ramirez, who is under Post Release Community Supervision in Contra Costa County, the officer attempted to approach him. However, Ramirez decided to suddenly flee on foot, leading to an immediate search backed by neighboring police departments, as per the City of Brentwood Police Department.

The incident escalated when Ramirez dashed behind a nearby Target store, attempting to elude capture. According to the City of Brentwood Police Department, assisting officers from Antioch PD and Oakley PD were quick to join the chase, solidifying the notion that when one city's peace is disturbed, neighbors readily converge to restore order. The pursuit continued with Antioch Officer Cruz Guzman spotting Ramirez and giving chase—a pursuit that would lead them to briefly run across highway 4.

Ultimately, Officer Cruz Guzman managed to apprehend Ramirez. Following the apprehension, Ramirez was transported to the Martinez Detention Facility to face the fresh consequences of his alleged recent theft as well as address the existing felony warrant hanging over him. A second individual, also linked to the incident, was arrested on account of outstanding warrants.

In what speaks to a broader collaborative law enforcement effort, the City of Brentwood Police Department expressed profound gratitude to their counterparts in Antioch and Oakley for their quick response and assistance. "Crime knows no borders and we always appreciate the support and assistance from our neighboring agencies", echoed the department's sentiments. This incident, thus, became yet another example of the inter-agency cooperation that characterizes the response to criminal activities across city lines, ensuring that those suspected of wrongdoing are swiftly brought to answer to the justice system.