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Published on June 21, 2024
CenterPoint Energy Nears Completion of Gas Infrastructure Upgrade in Willard-Hay, Promising Residents Enhanced Safety and ReliabilitySource: CenterPoint Energy - Minnesota

As the first phase of CenterPoint Energy's gas infrastructure upgrade in the Willard-Hay neighborhood reaches completion, local streets are beginning to see the end of disruptions caused by extensive maintenance works. In a project handled by Michels Corporation, an authorized contractor for CenterPoint Energy, aging natural gas lines have been replaced with new ones designed to be more resistant to leakage and corrosion, according to CenterPoint Energy - Minnesota.

Streets that have undergone renovation include Xerxes Avenue N., from McNair Avenue to Plymouth Avenue N., Washburn Avenue N., from Plymouth Avenue N. to 1423 Washburn Avenue N., McNair Avenue from Xerxes Avenue N. to 2821 McNair Avenue N., and 17th Avenue N. from Xerxes Avenue N. to Vincent Avenue N., with residents seeing their service lines reconnected to the updated mains and indoor meters moved outdoors, the construction which lasted for several months now gives way to restoration efforts. Q3 Contracting is set to follow with restorations, most likely in late June and early July, while temporary backfill currently dots the landscape, as per CenterPoint Energy - Minnesota.

CenterPoint Energy has expressed gratitude towards residents for their patience, ensuring them a safer and more reliable gas service with the statement "The pipes used in these pipeline replacement and modernization projects are more resistant to corrosion and leakage, helping us continue to provide the safe, reliable service you count on that keeps you comfortable in your home," as stated by CenterPoint Energy - Minnesota. For direct inquiries, residents can reach out to the Communication Specialist via phone at 612-321-5546 or by sending an email to [email protected].