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Published on June 20, 2024
Community Urged to Aid in Search for Missing 69-Year-Old with Dementia in PlymouthSource: Facebook/Plymouth Police Department

The Plymouth Police Department continues to urgently seek help from the community in locating 69-year-old Rodney Riviello, who has a history of dementia and went missing from the Beth Israel Deaconess in Plymouth. According to the police department's Facebook post, he was last seen yesterday at around 11:15 AM. Mr. Riviello is described as a bald, heavy-set white male, who was wearing a collared striped shirt, blue shorts, and possibly a Yankees baseball hat at the time of his disappearance.

Residents have been urged to help by thoroughly searching their properties, as even a seemingly trivial clue could potentially lead to promptly finding Mr. Riviello. The authorities have also requested that homeowners in the vicinity review any footage from Ring or CCTV cameras to see if Mr. Riviello was captured on video. The search area has now been expanded to cover a five-mile radius from the hospital, encompassing most villages in Plymouth.

As the search intensifies, the Plymouth Police Department reiterated their call for assistance. "We would ask that all residents give their property a thorough check, searching anywhere that a person could be," mentioned in their latest update. Local law enforcement has ramped up efforts with dozens of officers involved in the search for Mr. Riviello, but so far have been unable to locate him.

Officials have stressed the importance of community vigilance and support in situations such as this, where every moment is critical. Those within a two-mile radius of the Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital have been specifically asked to look out for Mr. Riviello. "If you believe you have seen the individual please call us immediately," the Plymouth Police Department's Facebook page urges. In the meanwhile, the hope to quickly reunite Mr. Riviello with his family continues, as the collective effort grows to include anyone who might be able to offer any information.