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Published on June 23, 2024
County Board of Supervisors Set to Finalize Budget with Public InputSource: County of San Diego

As the fiscal clock ticks towards a new year, the County Board of Supervisors is gearing up to put a final stamp on the upcoming budget. On Tuesday, starting at 9 a.m., the chambers of the County Administration Center will house the deliberative process that will culminate in adopting the Fiscal Year 2024-25 budget, set to take effect on July 1. According to the County News Center, this year's financial blueprint has been shaped by community voices and an equity assessment to ensure vulnerable populations are considered.

The recommended budget, unveiled on May 2, delineates allocations towards critical areas such as behavioral health, homelessness, sustainability, and the bread and butter of any local government—public safety, roads, and parks. An interesting detail of the revised budget is the addition of 12 new positions, which slightly ups the total number of county employees to 20,471.25—a precise headcount that reflects an incremental but noteworthy investment in public service. The additional $46.9 million funneled into the revised budget represents more than arithmetic. It comments on the county's commitment to enhance services—even if only by a 0.6% increase.

Residents interested in the fiscal direction their elected officials are taking can tune into the deliberations on June 25. The meeting will be accessible in physical attendance at 1600 Pacific Highway and across various platforms, including YouTube, Facebook Live, and even via a simple phone call for those who prefer audio-only participation. Spanish translation will be offered, with a spectrum of other languages available upon request. 

Community-generated input reverberates throughout the revised budget, pressing issues such as allocations for additional funding. The District Attorney's Office, various justice centers, and a Day Center for transitioning migrants all benefit. Furthermore, pilot projects like archery programs in county parks and infrastructure ventures such as the Battery Energy Storage System signal an inventive stride to address diverse needs. Essential resources also get a nod with the extension of the CalFresh ¡Mas Fresco! Plus food program and other foundational community services.

For those unable to make it in person, the convening will be broadcast online, though it may test your patience with a potential lag of 45 seconds or more, depending on your connection.