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Published on June 21, 2024
David Swift Indicted for Wife's 2011 Voluntary Manslaughter by Dyer County Grand JurySource: Dyer County Sheriff's Office

Dyer County District Attorney General Danny Goodman Jr. has confirmed that David Swift, recently acquitted of murdering his wife, has been indicted for voluntary manslaughter related to her 2011 death. The Dyer County Grand Jury issued the indictment yesterday, as reported by ABC24. "We presented an indictment request to the grand jury today for Voluntary Manslaughter,” Goodman said. "We did so to include language that would toll the Statute of Limitations allowing us the ability to retry David Swift on the remaining charges for which there was a hung jury in the previous trial," he explained in a statement obtained by ABC24.

Karen Swift, a mother of four, was reported missing on October 30, 2011, following a Halloween party. Her body was found six weeks later by hunters near a cemetery in Dyersburg. Despite being acquitted of murder and attempted murder charges, the split among jurors, who previously could not reach a decisive agreement, has allowed the prosecution to revisit this unresolved aspect of the case. This new development comes just weeks after a not guilty verdict in Weakley County, Tennessee, approximately 50 miles northeast of Dyer, where a mistrial was declared on the voluntary manslaughter charge due to jury deadlock, as reported by WREG.

The initial indictment for murder was issued more than a decade after Karen Swift's death. David Swift was arrested in Birmingham, Alabama, where he had relocated and remarried, and subsequently stood trial in Weakley County after a change of venue was granted. Goodman acknowledged the challenges of prosecuting a case heavily reliant on circumstantial evidence and spanning such a long period of time. However, the decision to proceed with a second trial underscores a commitment to seeking justice for Karen Swift, according to ABC24.

Amid ongoing legal proceedings in Tennessee, David Swift also faces allegations in Alabama, where accusations of stalking his second wife have surfaced. The indictment on voluntary manslaughter and aggravated assault charges carries the weight of unresolved legal battles across state lines. Swift’s next scheduled court appearance is on July 2, 2024.