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Published on June 20, 2024
Driver Unharmed as Train Strikes 18-Wheeler in Tye, Road Closures and Safety Concerns EnsueSource: Google Street View

Chaos ensued in Tye when a train collided with an 18-wheeler truck on Morgan St. and FM 707. According to FOX San Antonio, the driver of the truck was fortunate to walk away uninjured, thanks in part to the quick thinking of a state trooper. The trooper, upon realizing that the semi-truck was stuck on the tracks, directed the driver to hastily evacuate before calling Union Pacific in a bid to stop the oncoming train. Unfortunately, the train was too close and unable to stop, resulting in the trailer's destruction.

Following the incident, local authorities announced necessary road closures. As per a report by KTXS, the crash forced the shutdown of the railroad crossing at FM 707 and Morgan St., with officials stating that clearing the aftermath would consume several hours. Efforts to open the roads are currently ongoing, with Tye police actively working in the area.

The impact of the collision extends beyond the immediate physical damage. Despite the rapid response by emergency services and railway officials, the inability to prevent the collision speaks to larger issues of safety and response protocols on our railways. Traffic flow and daily commutes in Tye have been disrupted, as drivers now have to navigate around the closed crossing.