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Published on June 20, 2024
Duluth Authorities Urge Caution Amid Torrential Rains and Road Hazards, City Crews on High AlertSource: Unsplash/Phillip Flores

As torrential rains hit the city, causing commuter chaos and potential hazards, city crews are working around the clock to monitor and respond to perilous road conditions. To ensure public safety, local authorities are urging residents to exercise extreme caution when traveling. According to the City of Duluth, MN Government, motorists are reminded that it only takes 12 inches of standing water to sweep a vehicle away and that such water may also hide serious road damage.

The city's warning, having been issued amidst reports of continuing rainfall, advises that encountering standing water on roadways is a signal to stop immediately and contact emergency services by calling 911, as reported by the City of Duluth, MN Government. Due to the deluge, while you're out this evening, the risk of encountering submerged hazards, such as washed-out roads, is elevated significantly. The advisory encapsulates this, stating, "Turn around, don’t drown."