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Published on June 11, 2024
East Valley Teen Linked to "Gilbert Goons" Gets Probation, Deferred Jail for Assault in Pinal CountySource: X/Pinal County Sheriff’s Office

Twenty-year-old Jacob Pennington was handed a sentence of three years of supervised probation and 120 days of deferred jail time on June 10 for his connection with teen violence in the East Valley. The sentence comes after Pennington admitted involvement with the "Gilbert Goons," a group recently designated as a criminal street gang, as reported by FOX 10 Phoenix. But his attorney asserts Pennington's association was only via a social media group disbanded since high school.

According to ABC15, victim Brigham Bailey and his family described a sudden and unprovoked attack, which significantly disrupted the teen's life. With the assault's psychological impacts forcing changes in schooling and outlook on life, Brigham's mother, Carey, emphasized the ongoing emotional "torture" and anxiety born from the incident. The family called the sentencing a move toward accountability, expressing a touch of disappointment for the absence of immediate jail time but hope for the assailant's potential reform.

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office reported the assault happened when the victim was leaving a bonfire last November, as detailed by FOX 10 Phoenix. Pennington claimed the altercation began when he tried to defend a friend whom he alleged was struck by the victim. The court also heard how the recent violence had provoked terror in the assaulted teen, who drew parallels with the killing of 16-year-old Preston Lord, an incident occurring just weeks before and under ominously similar circumstances.