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Published on June 21, 2024
Eden Prairie City Council Appoints 33 High School Students to City Commissions, Empowering Youth in GovernmentSource: Eden Prairie Minnesota

The Eden Prairie City Council has taken a notable step towards involving youth in governance by appointing 33 high school students to serve on various City commissions. As reported by Eden Prairie's official website, the appointments were announced after the council's meeting on June 18, opening doors for students to make tangible contributions to their community while learning the intricacies of municipal operations.

This "Students on Commissions" initiative actively engages high school juniors and seniors, living in Eden Prairie, inviting them to participate in governmental processes. Applying students battling to make their mark, have now been given a unique platform where their voices can contribute to policy-making and community building. Among the appointed, the Flying Cloud Airport commission will now include Patrick Anderson, Sumaya Awal, and their peers, involved in overseeing local aviation issues.

In matters of preserving the city's cultural and historical integrity, students like Kadie Crider and Jacob Holje will serve on the Heritage Preservation. As per the Eden Prairie official announcement, these students will have a hand in maintaining and promoting the heritage of their city, ensuring that future generations have a link to the past.

Addressing the vital issues of equity and inclusion, Kanya Aneja, and Ayanna Arora, among others, will take seats on the Human Rights and Diversity. In a move aimed at fostering a welcoming and diverse community, these students will be at the forefront of promoting human rights within Eden Prairie. Simultaneously, the Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources will gain new perspectives from youths like Noelle Fitzgerald and Sophia Hoffelt, who will contribute to the sustainability of public spaces and natural resources tasked with taking care of – a reflection of the progressive ideals held dear by city leaders.

Furthermore, the Sustainability Commission welcomes bright minds such as Akhil Agrawal and Raghava Dwivedi to advance environmental initiatives, as detailed by Eden Prairie City. This commission, tasked with implementing green practices and reducing the city's carbon footprint, will benefit from fresh ideas spurred by the ingenuity of these young appointees.