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Published on June 19, 2024
Fairfield Police Apprehend Suspects in Fuel and Auto Parts Theft, Drone and K9 Ruse Aid in ArrestSource: Fairfield Police Department

On Sunday, the Fairfield Police Department responded to reports of theft at a business on South Watney Way. According to the Fairfield Police Department, two individuals were caught allegedly siphoning gas and removing catalytic converters from trucks.

With assistance from their high-tech eyes in the sky, Fairfield's Officer Swoyer utilized a drone to spot a suspect attempting to escape along the railroad tracks. Complementing the aerial surveillance, ground units pounced into action. Using a subtlety delivered with the threat of a K9 unit led by Officer Scherer, the police managed to secure the suspect's surrender without an actual dog present.

The individual in question, 49-year-old Bobby Tavenner, found himself not only apprehended for the current allegations of theft. He was also detained on an existing no-bail warrant. Collateral to Tavenner's dilemma, Colleen Cox was identified and arrested as an accomplice in the act.

Held accountable by the Fairfield Police, the two now face the consequences of their actions. Details on the incidents leading to the arrests, provided by Fairfield Police, outline the early morning operations mounted against the alleged fuel and auto part pilferers.