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Published on June 20, 2024
Fall River Community Shaken After 21-Year-Old Man Shot at Playground, Police Seek SuspectSource: Google Street View

A young man, just 21 years old, found himself the victim of gunfire near a Fall River playground on a seemingly calm Wednesday night. According to reports gathered from WHDH, the unnamed man sustained a gunshot wound to the leg on Wamsutta Street. The incident, which disrupted the everyday peace of a community playground, swiftly changed him from a bystander to a patient as he was transported to a local hospital. Thankfully, he is anticipated to make a recovery.

With evidence markers scattered like unsettling confetti on the basketball court of Massasoomet Park, police have initiated their search for the assailant, as reported by WJAR. The shooting, which disrupted the night with the echo of multiple shots, has undoubtedly left the community on edge. However, no arrests have been made, leaving questions hanging heavy in the air as the investigation continues.

Authorities are tightly holding onto the lead threads of the investigation, imploring anyone with information to come forward, according to WPRI. The police department's Major Crimes Division has put out a call to action, asking that witnesses or anyone with knowledge pertaining to the event contact them at (508) 324-2796.