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Published on June 21, 2024
Former Franklin High Student Sues Portland Public Schools for $4.7M Following Finger AmputationSource: Google Street View

A former student of Franklin High School has filed a lawsuit against Portland Public Schools, demanding $4.7 million in damages after an injury sustained during a woodshop class led to the partial amputation of his finger. According to KPTV, the student was operating a power tool known as a "router" unsupervised after only a basic demonstration, resulting in severe mutilation of his finger.

The suit includes not only the school district but also the woodshop teacher and the school nurse, alleging negligence in allowing a dangerous environment and improper medical guidance provided after the fact the nurse, instead of sending the student straight to the emergency department, instructed them to proceed to urgent care, which lacked the necessary resources to treat such a severe injury, and for this the family is now seeking compensation for the harm endured by their child.

Additional details from KGW reveal that the student's attorney, Michael Jacobs, criticized Portland Public Schools and the school nurse for "negligently or recklessly" failing to provide a "reasonably safe physical environment" for students. In the aftermath of the incident, the student's index finger on his dominant hand was partially amputated, leading to sensitivity and regular painful abrasions.

The student's ordeal did not end with the injury and subsequent amputation; as reported by KOIN, the lawsuit also brings to light that the student is subject to harassment, being used by the teacher as a cautionary tale in class, this situation has further exacerbated the distress felt by the student and the family who must now navigate the everyday challenges of a life-altering injury and its emotional toll.