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Published on June 21, 2024
Fridley Commuters Rejoice as 77th Avenue NE, Railroad Closure Ends; More Roadwork AheadSource: CenterPoint Energy - Minnesota

Good news for Fridley commuters: the closure of 77th Avenue NE at the railroad is set to be lifted today, June 21. CenterPoint Energy's contracted crew from Michels Corporation has been on the ground replacing an aging natural gas steel main, a critical update for the local infrastructure. The closure, which has impacted the stretch between the railroad tracks and Beech Street NE, is expected to clear up as the team finalizes their work this morning.

While this particular hurdle is nearing its end, there's a bit more roadwork in store for the residents of Fridley. The completion of the steel main installation along the railroad – running from 85th Avenue NW to Osborne Road NE – is projected to continue until mid-July, which means the area won't be free from the sights, and sounds of construction just yet. Following Michels Corporation's departure, Q3 Contracting, another CenterPoint Energy authorized contractor, will take up the mantle to restore the previously affected areas. According to a bulletin on CenterPoint Energy's website, these efforts are estimated to extend into late July.

For those who have navigated the maze of detours and have faced the daily test of patience, the end is in sight, though admittedly still a few weeks away. CenterPoint Energy is aware of the disruption and has expressed gratitude for the community's resilience during this period of upgrade. "We appreciate your patience as we’re upgrading our infrastructure," states the company's communication representative.

Those looking for more details, or wishing to track the crews' progress, can touch base with the company through their website. For direct inquiries, the Communication Specialist, Hannah Gullickson, can be reached at 612-321-5546 or via email at [email protected]. As the summer season unfolds, with its promise of long, sunlit evenings and greenery in full bloom, the dismantled barriers and restored roads will soon accompany the seasonal cheer, welcoming a return to normalcy and smoother commutes ahead.