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Published on June 06, 2024
Fulton County Hosts Inaugural Wellness Fair Highlighting Mental Health AwarenessSource: Unsplash/ Emily Underworld

FULTON COUNTY, GA — In an effort to spotlight the significance of mental wellness, Fulton County recently wrapped up its inaugural Mental Health Awareness Month Whole Health and Wellness Fair. According to a feature on the county's official website, the fair was a culmination of Mental Health Awareness Month, providing residents with an opportunity to engage with health professionals, access useful resources, and partake in an open dialogue about topics often left in the shadows like substance use and recovery. Frederica McClary-Myers, Behavioral Health Services Director, underscored the value of the event as a conduit for fostering community connections and embracing the joys in self-care.

"We're providing food and and lunch and also giveaways for our selfcare kits," McClary-Myers shared with Fulton County's news outlet, putting special emphasis on the fair's intent to blend education with engaging activities to destigmatize mental health topics. Moreover, the event featured heartening narratives of personal recovery which serve not just as testaments to the human spirit, but also powerful beacons for those who are still navigating their own mental health journeys the gathering was as much an informative occasion as it was a supportive space, brimming with shared experiences and solidarity among attendees.

Among the highlights were educational talks focusing on the correct use and effectiveness of narcan, a life-saving medication known to reverse the effects of opioid overdoses. The fair's agenda was clearly multifaceted, addressing both preventative measures and response strategies; it embodied a holistic approach to health and wellness that goes beyond the standard fare of pamphlets and platitudes. Resources were made accessible, yet the fair seemed to recognize that knowledge often needs to be coupled with tangible tools and a touch of humanity to make a lasting impact.

Indeed, as McClary-Myers succinctly summarized, "It's about connection. We want to make sure that the community knows the importance of mental health awareness, that we're here to provide services, and just to make some things fun and inviting," capturing the dual essence of the fair—serious in its mission but lighthearted in its execution. Cementing the sentiment, she added, "We're just glad to be of service and hope to continue to do more," reflecting the ongoing commitment of Fulton County's Behavioral Health Services to foster an empathetic, informed community.