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Published on June 12, 2024
GBI Probes Fatal Officer-Involved Shooting After High-Speed Bus Chase in AtlantaSource: Fulton County Sheriff's Office

An investigation is underway into a recent officer-involved shooting that left one man dead in Atlanta. The GBI is conducting an independent probe into the incident at the request of the Georgia State Patrol, following a violent altercation on a Gwinnett County Transit bus, which turned into a high-speed chase yesterday, June 11, 2024, as reported by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI).

The altercation began when Joseph Grier, 39, of Stone Mountain, boarded the bus in downtown Atlanta and got into an argument that escalated into a physical confrontation. During the incident, another passenger brandished a gun. Grier allegedly took the firearm and shot the unnamed male passenger, then forced the bus driver to drive away while holding the passengers at gunpoint. Law enforcement engaged in a pursuit that spanned multiple counties. Ultimately, the bus, which had encountered several police vehicles and suffered deflated tires, was stopped by a Georgia State Patrol trooper who disabled it by shooting into its engine compartment on Hugh Howell Road in Stone Mountain.

Grier was arrested without further incident, and the passenger he shot was rushed to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The bus driver also received medical attention for undisclosed injuries. The identities of both the deceased and the bus driver have not been released, pending notification of next of kin and further details from the Atlanta PD and the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office.

The GBI's independent investigation aims to scrutinize the circumstances surrounding the use of force in this incident, and upon its conclusion, the findings will be handed over to the DeKalib County District Attorney’s Office to determine the next steps. This complex case, involving civilian and law enforcement dynamics within a charged environment, prompts a rigorous examination of the actions taken during the unfolding of what was a rapidly deteriorating public safety situation.