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Published on June 18, 2024
Judge Dismisses Ouster Case Against Shelby County Clerk Wanda HalbertSource: Google Street View

In a legal proceeding that captured the attention of Shelby County residents, efforts to oust Shelby County Clerk Wanda Halbert have been halted. According to Local Memphis, Shelby County Circuit Court Judge Felicia Corbin-Johnson dismissed the case on grounds of jurisdictional authority, stating that the ouster proceedings should come from the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office, not a Hamilton County prosecutor.

After the judge's decision, Halbert announced a press conference, details of which were broadcasted live. As pointed out by WREG, Hamilton County District Attorney General Coty Wamp, who had filed the petition, responded to the dismissal stating, "We’re obviously disappointed in the outcome." Wamp added, "If they don’t, it may be a long two years," rooting for the best for the county and acknowledging the potential for improvement for both Halbert and her office. The hope seemed to hang in the air, that despite the case's dismissal, progress would still find its way.

Criticism against Halbert’s performance included allegations of "willful neglect to perform a duty" and "Inaccurate and Untimely Financial Reporting," as WREG reported. These complaints, along with concerns regarding delayed monthly reports to the trustee and apparent financial mismanagement, were at the core of the ouster attempt. The county estimates that hundreds of thousands of dollars could be owed to Shelby County government by Halbert's office due to unresolved technology issues affecting finances.

Addressing the allegations before the case was dismissed, Halbert took to social media to express that her office had repeatedly "sounded the alarm" regarding various concerns but had not seen actions taken upon her reports. As FOX13 Memphis indicated, Halbert mentioned the lack of investigation into her documented and reported concerns to legal County & State entities. Looming over the office, the serious challenges highlighted by Halbert and her critics remain unresolved, despite the dismissal giving a temporary reprieve.

While the immediate legal threat to her position has evaporated, the scrutiny of Halbert's office continues as Shelby County looks ahead. How this affects the office's operation and public trust in the stewardship of the county clerk's responsibilities will be closely observed, as the story further unfolds.