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Published on June 14, 2024
Judge Grant Dorfman Appointed to Texas’s Eleventh Business Court Division in HoustonSource: Google Street View

After over three years at the Texas Attorney General's Office, Judge Grant Dorfman is hanging up his hat as Deputy First Assistant Attorney General and donning a new one, this time as a judge on Texas’s Eleventh Business Court Division. Appointed by Governor Greg Abbott, Dorfman's new role is based in Houston, according to a press release from the Office of the Attorney General (OAG).

Dorfman's tenure at the OAG was marked by a vigorous defense of state interests, notably taking up the arm against what was perceived as federal overreach by the Biden Administration. According to the OAG's release, Dorfman's work saw Texas initiating over sixty lawsuits, boasting a record of success. In a departure letter, Dorfman expressed pride in his accomplishments, noting that "holding the Biden Administration accountable to the Constitution, federalism, the rule of law, and democratic lawmaking" were central victories of his service.

Attorney General Ken Paxton lauded Dorfman's commitment and contribution to the state, saying in the OAG's announcement, "Judge Dorfman has been an indispensable champion for the people of Texas." Attorney General Paxton added, "I will be forever thankful for his friendship and service during the past three years." Paxton also voiced his pleasure at Dorfman's continued judicial service within the state court system.

Prior to his latest stint as Deputy First Assistant Attorney General, Dorfman was no stranger to the Texas judicial system, having served as a judge for both the 129th and 334th District Courts in Houston. His experience spans beyond the bench, including a role as a clerk for the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, partnership at a commercial litigation law firm, and steering worldwide litigation for an oil and gas drilling contractor as Senior In-House Counsel. His multifaceted background stands as a testament to his legal acumen, one that now will preside over business-related disputes in his new judicial appointment.