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Published on June 22, 2024
Kennesaw Receives Credit Rating Boost to Aa1 from Moody’s, Reflecting Financial StrengthSource: City of Kennesaw, GA

In a move displaying a notable mark of financial robustness, Kennesaw, Georgia has seen its creditworthiness bumped up a notch by Moody's. The rating agency, which plays a crucial role in determining how cheaply cities can borrow money, has raised its assessment of Kennesaw's issuer and GOULT ratings to Aa1 from Aa2. Talking dollars and cents, this is the kind of fiscal report card that any city manager would gush over—and Kennesaw's city manager is no exception.

City Manager Dr. Jeff Drobney was quick to trumpet this achievement, underscoring the city's financial upswing and crediting robust economic policies for their climbing ranks on the Moody's scale. "I am proud of our city's financial improvements and recent bond rating upgrades by Moody's—three upgrades in three years," Drobney stated, as reported by the City of Kennesaw's official website. The city has come a long way from relying on annual Tax Anticipation Notes (TANs)—a bridge loan of sorts to cover expenses before tax revenues come in—to boasting a sterling Aa1 bond rating, an enviable feat indeed.

Moody's rationale behind the upgrade hinged on Kennesaw's sturdy fiscal operations and an expanding tax base that has been accompanied by a rise in wealth levels. The sagacious stewardship of the city's coffers, a prime spot within the growing Atlanta metro area, and a persistent low liability load were key factors in this positive reevaluation. As per Moody’s report, the City's financial muscle is expected to remain staunch thanks, in no small part, to "robusk" sales tax intake and a queue of commercial projects set to enrich the city's property tax revenue stream.