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Published on June 20, 2024
Metropolitan Police Arrest 13-Year-Old Suspect in Northeast Washington Unarmed Carjacking CaseSource: Google Street View

Authorities at the Metropolitan Police Department have confirmed the arrest of a young suspect following an unarmed carjacking incident in Northeast Washington. According to the announcement made by the MPD, the carjacking occurred on the evening of June 18, when two individuals confronted the vehicle owner in the 900 block of Rhode Island Avenue, NE.

Per the report, the victim was forced to quickly exit his car after the suspects demanded the keys. The miscreants managed to successfully abscond with the vehicle, soon to be spotted by officers in the 1700 block of First Street, NW. Law enforcement was able to detain one of the suspects, witnessed to slowly emerge from the stolen car, while his accomplice managed to elude capture by making a dash on foot.

The arrested individual, a 13-year-old male from Northwest D.C., has been charged with unarmed carjacking as a result of the ongoing detective investigation. While details on the juvenile's identity remain protected due to his age, the police have made clear that their efforts to locate the second suspect are ongoing.