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Published on June 21, 2024
NAACP Calls for Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao's Resignation Following FBI RaidSource: Google Street View (House)
Wikimedia Commons / Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao
NAACP Oakland Chapter / Cynthia Adams, President

Amidst escalating tensions in Oakland's political scene, the NAACP's Oakland chapter has issued a stark statement in the wake of an FBI raid on Mayor Sheng Thao’s home, intensifying the scrutiny under which the mayor finds herself. “The world watched as Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao’s home was raided by the FBI," NAACP Oakland Branch President Cynthia Adams said in a statement. "While the public should refrain from a rush to judgment, the leadership of the NAACP and its members are calling on Mayor Sheng Thao to resign immediately and spare the city the cost of a recall," she added.

With the city caught in a tight grip of a public safety crisis, highlighted by a recent mass shooting on Juneteenth, and the looming specter of a massive budget deficit, the NAACP has called for Mayor Thao to resign to allow the city an opportunity to move forward without the weight of ongoing federal investigations.

Adding to Mayor Thao's woes, an FBI raid was also conducted at a second residence linked to Andy Duong of Cal Waste Solutions, which has previously been investigated for contribution ties to Oakland officials, including Thao. While no arrests have been made, federal agents were seen examining the premises extensively, as earlier reported by Hoodline Oakland. This comes at a time where the campaign to recall Mayor Sheng Thao appears to be gaining momentum, with more than 40,000 signatures validated for a recall election.

The recall campaign, driven by discontent with Thao’s leadership decisions, including the firing of former Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong, has now secured enough signatures to potentially see the mayor's removal included in the November general election ballot. This unsettling political development ties into a broader narrative of Oakland's management challenges, as the city was recently named the #2 worst-managed in the United States, according to WalletHub's 2024 rankings. Oakland’s mounting issues, further complicated by business closures and underinvestment, exemplify the steep hill Mayor Thao and her administration must climb if she is to remain in office and restore confidence in her leadership.

While Mayor Thao’s campaign, “Oaklanders Defending Democracy, Oppose the Recall of Mayor Thao,” has been mobilizing to counter the recall efforts, she faces the compounded challenge of not only defending her position but also reassuring a city in turmoil. According to Hoodline, the City Council meeting set for July 2 will be crucial, potentially deciding Thao’s mayoral future and shaping the political landscape for the city. The NAACP insists that Oaklanders “deserve a mayor who is not distracted, fully committed, and able to lead the city,” a sentiment that reflects the gravity of Mayor Thao's current predicament and the city's dire need for stability and focused governance.