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Published on June 22, 2024
Oregon Firefighters Ramp Up Efforts to Tame 500-Acre Upper Applegate Fire in Jackson CountySource: Facebook/Oregon State Fire Marshal

Oregon firefighters are doubling down on their efforts to contain the Upper Applegate Fire in Jackson County, with two structural task forces from Lane and Polk counties stepping in to assist. The teams, called in through the Immediate Response protocol, are set to back up the local Applegate Valley Fire District in battling the blaze.

The Oregon State Fire Marshal, utilizing the state's Immediate Response tool, didn't hesitate to quickly mobilize additional firefighters to the scene. According to the Oregon Department of Forestry, as of Friday morning, the fire had swelled to an estimated 500 acres. Residents near the fire have been put on a Level 1 Be Ready evacuation notice, a precautionary warning to stay alert. Maps and information on evacuation procedures can be found in the Oregon Fire Marshal website.

Oregon State Fire Marshal Mariana Ruiz-Temple expressed a strong commitment to community safety in the face of this wildfire threat. "Our priority is to proactively protect our communities from the threat of wildfires. We're sending resources to boost capacity and support the Applegate Valley Fire District until the fire is contained," she said, stressing the importance of preparedness given the upcoming dry and warm weather which likely will heighten wildfire risks across Oregon. She encouraged everyone to follow burning restrictions closely and to help out by taking additional preventive measures against wildfires.

As Oregon gears up for what may be a difficult wildfire season, Marshal Ruiz-Temple's call to action couldn't be timelier. Community members are urged to stay informed and ready to act should the threat grow nearer to their doorsteps. The message is clear: be vigilant and do your part to not unnecessarily add to the workload of the firefighters working diligently on the front lines of the Upper Applegate Fire.