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Published on June 15, 2024
Oxnard Man Charged With Drug and Gun-Related Crimes After Police Seizure of Fentanyl and Illegal FirearmSource: Google Street View

On June 14, an Oxnard man was taken into custody after a targeted investigation by the city's Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) culminated in a search warrant at his residence, resulting in the discovery of a sizeable amount of Fentanyl and an illegal firearm. Victor Ceja, 38, was arrested following the operation that involved DEU detectives, the Violent Crimes Unit, and patrol officers. According to a statement obtained by the Oxnard Police Department, Ceja is now facing multiple drug and gun-related charges.

The official news release by the Oxnard Police Department outlined the efforts to tackle alleged narcotic sales activities by Ceja. The investigation provided enough evidence to secure a search warrant for his home on the 100 block of North McKinley Avenue. Weapons charges were also added to Ceja's list of offenses after officers discovered an illegal rifle in his possession. The Oxnard PD, in their ongoing bid to swiftly cut down on community drug issues, seized what they suspected to be Fentanyl, a synthetic opioid roughly 100 times stronger than morphine and potentially lethal, even in small dosages.

The detailed report from the Oxnard PD specified that Ceja's prior felony conviction prohibits him from owning or possessing firearms. Drug overdoses, a pressing concern for the local community, are a focal issue for the Oxnard Police Department, which is resolutely working alongside federal agencies, as indicated by the federal deputisation of DEU detectives as FBI Task Force Officers. These officers tackle drug and criminal law violations across Ventura County, enforcing stringent repercussions for those caught in the act.

Members of the Oxnard community are urged to actively report any insights into narcotic crimes or associated criminal activity. The Oxnard Police Department has made available various confidential reporting methods, including a direct call line and an online platform, encouraging citizens to help maintain the safety of their city without the disclosure of their identities. Those wishing to provide anonymous information can contact Ventura County Crime Stoppers.