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Published on June 19, 2024
Oxnard Police Confiscate Over 3,000 Fireworks, Issue Citation to Local Market Owner in Pre-Independence Day CrackdownSource: Oxnard Police Department

Stepping up its stance against illegal fireworks ahead of Independence Day, the Oxnard Police Department made a significant bust, confiscating over 3,000 individual fireworks, including nine large mortar-style ones, from Fierro Meat Market located at 1355 Saviers Road on the night of June 18th. According to a release from the Oxnard Police Department, the total weight of the seized fireworks is estimated at around 30 pounds, featuring over ten varieties, marking a clear violation of Oxnard City Code 7-147.1(B)(1).

In response to the severe danger posed by these illegal explosives, as detailed in the police department's statement, the owner of the business faced citation, the fireworks pose a significant hazard triggering very real fears of injuries and potential structure fires, especially as the city has frequently grappled with these consequences in past years, also these fireworks have been a source of emotional trauma for residents with post-traumatic stress and distress for pets, often leading to the administration of prescription sedatives to help the animals cope.

The enforcement policy in Oxnard is clear and unwavering; all fireworks are illegal, carrying stiff penalties. Individuals caught with “Safe and Sane" types such as sparklers and cones can be fined $250, while those possessing "Dangerous" fireworks like firecrackers, bottle rockets, and Roman candles could be slapped with a $1000 fine. Emphasizing public safety and urging residents to celebrate responsibly, the Oxnard Police Department advises against the use of fireworks, advocating for the peace and well-being of the community and its animal companions.

As part of their zero-tolerance policy, the Oxnard Police Department has outlined ways for citizens to help curb illegal fireworks usage; these include a dedicated cellphone line at (805-307-6308) for complaints, an email tip system ([email protected]), and a hotline (805-394-5884) where callers can remain anonymous, not to mention the non-emergency number (805-385-7740) for reporting in-progress activity, however, It's important to note that during peak times, fireworks-related calls will have to be prioritized among other ongoing service calls across the city.