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Published on June 11, 2024
Peoria Unveils Plans for Potential $1 Billion Airpark, Economic and Job Growth Prospects on the HorizonSource: City of Peoria

Residents of Peoria might want to sit up and take notice because the city is floating a pretty ambitious idea that could either redefine its economic landscape or become a multi-million-dollar boondoggle. They're currently sizing up the potential for a so-called Peoria Airpark and by potential, we're talking about an expected $1 billion jolt to the local economy, not to mention an infusion of nearly 8,000 jobs, and more than $60 million in annual state and local tax revenue, as reported by the City of Peoria. While the city's got its eyes on the prize, the fact is, they're still amid a multi-year study crawl, which has already churned out some initial assessments, with more on the docket, including one by Coffman Associates wrapping up by the year's end.

Now, for those with a stake in it—or just the plain curious—the city's got plans to go full transparent mode with a webinar on June 27 at 6:30 p.m., where Assistant City Manager Rick Buss, Deputy City Manager Mike Faust, and Coffman Associates' Matt Quick will spill the beans on what's what and answer all those burning questions about the feasibility study, and the ongoing site selection saga that's bound to stretch into the year, making it imperative they answer all questions given the time, since this has the makings of one of those pivotal city-shaping moves. According to the City of Peoria, public engagement isn't just welcome—it's wanted, so much so that they're collecting queries up until June 24 at 5 p.m., giving folks a chance to lob their questions ahead of time through an 'Ask a Question' form available on their website.

And, because sometimes once is never enough, Peoria plans to host a second Q&A in August—to delve into the "why" behind this airpark pipedream, fleshing out the anticipated economic impacts with yet another video discussion. They're dangling another chance for the community to toss in their two cents, with details yet to be ironed out but promised to be dished out once the city hammers out a schedule.