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Published on June 21, 2024
San Antonio Leaders Partner with SAPD to Host Community Safety Fair, Offer Free Gun Safety Lock BoxesSource: Facebook/City Council District 3

In an ongoing effort to promote gun safety awareness, San Antonio's District 3 Councilwoman Phyllis Viagran and the SAPD are hosting a Community Safety Fair this Saturday, June 22nd. According to Fox San Antonio, the fair aims to educate the community on responsible gun ownership and is scheduled to take place from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM at the Southside Lions Senior Center.

The city's push for gun safety comes in the wake of a recent incident involving a three-year-old who, finding an unsecured firearm, accidentally shot himself. A grim reminder the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) and Councilwoman Viagran are committed to preventing such tragedies, by distributing free lock boxes intended to secure guns. These lock boxes are considered an essential tool to prevent unauthorized access, particularly by children.

As reported by KSAT, a $200,000 fund has been secured to purchase 4,000 gun safety lock boxes distributed amongst community members. Viagran commented on the measure, stating, "This is just making sure that the guns that you have at home don’t end up in somebody else’s hands, that that shouldn’t have them, whether that’s the youth or whether that is, you know, somebody who breaks in and happens to find it and then it gets it’s out there on the streets."

Highlighting the importance of these safety devices, SAPD Chief William McManus emphasized their underlying purpose. While the provided lock boxes are basic, Councilwoman Viagran encourages those who can afford more high-tech options to invest in them. Addressing the residents who decided to keep their firearms against the alternative of the buyback program, Viagran told KSAT, "It’s really for the people that didn’t do the buyback program and turn in their gun because they just thought, well, one day I might need it or I’m going to go to that shooting range once again. We’ll make sure it’s in that lockbox when you do."

Moreover, Viagran warns against the inadvertent advertisement of gun ownership through stickers and signs on properties, urging citizens to keep their weapons secured. The distribution of these lock boxes aligns with National Gun Violence Awareness Month, as the city steps up its efforts to tackle the issue of gun safety head-on.