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Published on June 11, 2024
San Antonio Tragedy: 6-Month-Old Girl Dies by Suffocation in Co-Sleeping Incident on Northeast SideSource: Google Street View

A tragic incident unfolded on the Northeast Side of San Antonio on Sunday evening, where a 6-month-old baby girl was found dead after suffocating in her sleep. According to KENS 5, the baby identified as Laylani Florentina Gibbons-Loredo, was discovered unresponsive in a home on the 4000 block of Mystic Sunrise Drive around 6 p.m., as per San Antonio Police.

First responders arrived, and despite attempts at life-saving measures, the young child was pronounced dead at the scene. The investigation by officials noted that the mother had fallen asleep with the baby in their bed, during which the baby rolled onto her stomach and, her face was pressed into a soft surface, resulting in suffocation. ABC 3340 reports there appears to be no sign of foul play, but the investigation continues.

Emphasizing the dangers of co-sleeping, North Central Baptist Nurse Ashland Rivera, in a statement obtained by KENS 5, advised against sharing a bed with infants. "It is never recommended to co-sleep, or to share the same bed with your baby," Rivera shared. "Especially if you roll over, you are hard asleep, you are tired, you are a new mama. It can happen so very quickly in just a matter of seconds or minutes."

Sleep safety guidelines recommended by health professionals stress the importance of a simple memory-aid: the ABC's of safe sleep: "A is alone. B is on the back. C is in a crib," says Rivera. In lieu of soft surfaces, babies should be placed in a separate crib free from loose objects such as stuffed animals and blankets. Swaddling or using a wearable blanket is deemed acceptable for an infant's safe slumber. More details on maintaining a secure sleep environment for babies can be found, on the National Institutes of Health website.