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Published on June 20, 2024
San Pablo Police Arrest Three for Unregistered Firearm Possession After Erratic PursuitSource: San Pablo Police Department

During a late-night patrol in San Pablo, an erratic driver prompted police action that resulted in the uncovering of unregistered firearms and the detention of three individuals with a history of violence. According to the San Pablo Police Department, Officer Kobold initiated a traffic stop past midnight upon observing the vehicle driving irregularly. The behavior of the occupants appeared suspicious, with one attempting to leave the scene on foot and another driving away as the investigation proceeded.

The pursuit ensued with the California Highway Patrol's Air Support unit providing aerial assistance, tracking the car as it entered a dead-end neighborhood where officers promptly deployed spike strips. Even though the driver released one passenger before fleeing over the strips, the vehicle was considerably slowed, allowing police to catch up. The passenger left behind was found by officers, waiting for an Uber as the car continued to attempt an escape.

When the vehicle's pace was hampered by the deployed obstacles, the driver eventually surrendered after being cornered several miles away. A search of the car followed the apprehension, during which a loaded and unregistered pistol was discovered seated on the front bench. The individuals involved, a 38-year-old resident from Richmond, a 19-year-old from Concord, and a 27-year-old from Antioch, had records including gun involvement, robberies, home invasions, resisting arrest, and evading law enforcement.

The San Pablo Police credits their success in avoiding potential criminal activities in the city to the combined efforts of the officers and the aerial support from their "friends in high places," a nod to the CHP Air Support. The three men were booked into county jail on various charges, further investigation into the matter is ongoing as authorities work to piece together the events of the night and any larger implications it may carry regarding crime in the San Pablo area.