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Published on June 12, 2024
Truck Driver Escapes Seconds Before Train Collision in Bartow County, No Injuries ReportedSource: Google Street View

A harrowing encounter between an 18-wheeler and a train was narrowly avoided in Bartow County when the truck driver escaped just seconds before his vehicle was struck. The incident, which occurred at a train crossing at Allatoona Road and Keeling Mountain Road, was captured in a video by fellow truck driver Zack Hatcher. As reported by FOX 5 Atlanta, the train's whistle can be heard in the footage as the locomotive approached the tractor-trailer that had stalled on the tracks.

Hatcher, who was forced to quickly back up to certainly avoid being hit by the flown debris, described the scene and claimed that it appeared no one was injured. Officials have remained quiet about the specifics of any potential injuries. The road was shut down for several hours while crews worked to clear the debris and investigate the cause of the crash, as stated by FOX 5 Atlanta.

Another angle of the incident was shared by Hatcher with Channel 2 Action News, showcasing the dramatic moment the driver ran from his vehicle to safety. Hatcher told Channel 2 Action News, "Thank God he made it out the truck though! Y’all be safe out there and stay aware!” His message underlines the importance of vigilance on the road, especially in areas where train tracks intersect with pathways used by motorists.