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Published on June 12, 2024
Two 12-Year-Old Nashville Students Charged for Allegedly Stealing Teacher's SUV, Prompting Interstate ChaseSource: Google Street View

Two 12-year-old students from Two Rivers Middle School were arrested after allegedly stealing their teacher's SUV, as confirmed by the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD). The incident, which took place on Tuesday just before 3 p.m., saw the young students take advantage of an unattended key to a 2024 Honda CRV left by their teacher on her desk. Reported by WKRN, the seventh graders were seen driving out of the school parking lot at about 2:50 p.m., shortly after the key procurement.

Following their departure, parents of one of the boys managed to initially track their son’s iPad, which consequently aided the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) to hastily locate the middle schoolers off Interstate 40 at the Bucksnort exit. "Parents of one of the young men were able to track their son’s iPad on I-40 west until the THP found them just off the exit and took them into custody," MNPD explained to FOX17. These efforts led to the swift apprehension of the students by the THP.

As a consequence of their actions, the two young individuals are set to face charges in the Davidson County Juvenile Court. While the full implications of the charges they will encounter remain unclear, the gravity of the situation as it pertains to theft and unauthorized use of a vehicle is evident.

The details of the case are still unfolding, and MNPD has disseminated terse information regarding the ordeal. However, the incident has gathered considerable attention, prompting coverage by multiple local news outlets. WSMV4's prior report on the search for the students highlighted an unfolding situation, "A search is underway for two students in a car that was stolen from a Nashville middle school on Tuesday," which was detailed in an update on their website. The students, who initially remained at large, are now facing the consequences of their alleged decision to essentially borrow without permission their teacher's vehicle.