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Published on June 13, 2024
Two Suspects, Cadairo Harris and Bobby Martin, Arrested After Armed Carjacking at Rhodes College in MemphisSource: Facebook/Memphis Police Department est.1827

Two 18-year-olds, Cadairo Harris and Bobby Martin, face serious charges after a brazen carjacking incident involving a security guard at Rhodes College in Memphis. Yesterday morning, the guard encountered gunfire and was ultimately robbed of her vehicle, as reported by Action News 5. Harris and Martin's alleged crime spree came to its conclusion around noon the same day, when Memphis Police officers spotted and subsequently apprehended the men.

According to police details shared by FOX13 Memphis, the security guard was working when she observed an unusual light emanating from her car. She was met with gunfire upon investigating the situation, which resulted in her car—a 2023 Dodge Challenger—being stolen, complete with her personal belongings. Having tried to stop her assailants, the men evaded pursuit in the vehicle before abandoning it and fleeing on foot, said the report.

Harris is now facing a host of charges that include aggravated robbery and attempted first-degree murder. Martin's charges include theft of property. As they attempted to escape, the suspects nearly caused a collision, highlighting the dangerous nature of the chase that ensued, a narrative supported by Local Memphis, who reported the car stopped on Brown Avenue near Howell Avenue, after almost crashing.

The victim's connection to law enforcement was further highlighted by the incident, as she is the daughter of a former Memphis Police Association president, Mike Williams. "The bullet—it impacted right above her head into the concrete," Williams told Local Memphis, underlining the close call his daughter experienced. Rhodes College has since issued a statement, confirming the theft and detailing their immediate response to ensure the campus community's safety following the incident.