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Published on June 14, 2024
UC Berkeley Police Investigating Suspected Arson at Koshland Hall, Seek Public's HelpSource: Google Street View

The University of California Police Department is currently investigating a potential arson case at UC Berkeley's campus, an incident that came to light early Thursday morning. A report of arson outside of Koshland Hall was received just after midnight, according to KRON4, which has left the campus community uneasy.

While details regarding the incident are sparse, Koshland Hall, which is located on the northwest side of campus and contains research labs for the Department of Molecular & Cell Biology and the Department of Plant & Microbial Biology, became the focal point of the police investigation. Though it is still unclear if there were any injuries, or the extent of any potential damage to the building, the nature of such a targeted act against a scientific hub carries with it not just the specter of property loss but the disruption of academic sanctuaries.

UC Berkeley police have kept information close to the vest, releasing no additional information on the suspected arson as the investigation unfolds. The lack of details has prompted a call to the public for assistance, with authorities asking that anyone with information contact UCPD at (510) 642-6760, as reported by KTVU.

This incident at Koshland Hall is not only a matter of property concern but also a potential disruption to the academic and research activities housed therein, classrooms and laboratories where the currency of ideas is as critical to the campus lifeblood as the students and faculty who animate it, and in these spaces, we find the crucible of future innovation, which now stands shadowed by an act of potential malice.