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Published on June 20, 2024
Vancouver Man Arrested, Accused of String of Knifepoint Robberies Across the CitySource: Google Street View

A string of robberies at knifepoint has put a Vancouver man behind bars. Police arrested 56-year-old Shawn Short, a resident of Vancouver, Washington, linking him to multiple armed robberies across the city in recent months. According to KOIN, the arrest was a coordinated effort following a response to reported armed robberies this past Friday.

Details emerged after a series of incidents where a suspect, now confirmed to be Short, threatened store employees with a knife. The robberies, which date back to April and May, induced a palpable tension as investigators worked to quickly apprehend the perpetrator. In an arrest stemming from acute observational tactics, police spotted an individual matching Short's description exiting the vicinity in a white Honda Pilot. This vehicle had been previously described as being involved in the robberies, KOIN reports.

Among the locations targeted was a Starbucks inside a Safeway, where an upsetting incident occurred last April. "Give me all the money in the till", the suspect demanded while brandishing a knife. An employee who intervened was forcefully pushed to the ground, striking her head on a metal railing. According to FOX 12 Oregon, witnesses recognized the assailant as the same individual from a prior robbery at the same spot.

Confirming the suspicions, video surveillance captured from a neighboring business showed the suspect fleeing on foot and eventually heading behind the store. It was shortly after these events that the white 2003-2005 Honda Pilot was observed leaving the area adjoined to the property. With the arrest made, the Vancouver Police and Clark County Sheriff’s Office hope to bring a close to this series of distressing events.