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Published on June 19, 2024
Vice President Harris Unveils Immigration Policy Reforms to Strengthen Family Bonds and Support DreamersSource: Wikipedia/Lawrence Jackson, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

In a move indicative of the administration’s ongoing efforts to reshape immigration policies, Vice President Kamala Harris announced new measures aimed at reinforcing the bonds of immigrant families. As reported on the official White House website, these actions include introducing relief for spouses of American citizens who have resided in the U.S. for a considerable period, as well as expediting work visas for certain Dreamers.

Under the leadership of President Joe Biden and Vice President Harris, the White House has been actively engaged in efforts to protect immigrants, who, according to Harris, form the bedrock of the American community. In a statement released by the White House, the Vice President expressed, "Immigrants have always made America stronger." She emphasized the broad spectrum of contributions by Dreamers, who have been promised an accelerated process for work visas, provided they have completed college in the U.S. and have a job offer from a U.S. employer upon graduation.

The package of actions is expected to provide much-needed resolution to an estimated half a million spouses and their children. In her announcement, according to the White House, Harris clearly stated, "They deserve our protection, and should be allowed to remain with their families and contribute to our communities while they apply for a green card."

Despite today's substantial developments, both President Biden and Vice President Harris acknowledge that these measures are only stepping stones toward a more comprehensive repair of the U.S. immigration system. They highlighted the significance Dreamers bring to the country's economy and communities, urging Congress to enact permanent legal mechanisms to secure their stay. "We value their contributions and want them to continue to unleash their skills, ideas, and potential right here in the country that has invested in their success," added Harris, signaling a continued push for legislative changes to bolster the position of immigrants who have long called the U.S. home, as reported by the White House.