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Published on June 20, 2024
Washington County Board of Commissioners Greenlights Extensive Road Maintenance Plan for 2024-25Source: Unsplash/ Tom Shamberger

Washington County's roadmap for the fiscal year 2024-25 has been drawn, with the Board of Commissioners approving a plethora of scheduled preventive road maintenance duties that aim to smooth out the coming months for motorists and cyclists alike. Per a report from the Department of Land Use & Transportation (LUT), the approved tasks span the gamut from chip seal pavement repair to sweeping bike lanes, demonstrating the county's commitment to infrastructure upkeep and public safety.

On the menu for road crew delicacies, we find 11.34 miles of chip seal paving and 5.29 miles of asphalt being laid down by the hands of LUT's own workers, while contractors are set to tackle another 4.55 miles of paving, per the list provided by LUT. In an effort to maintain thoroughfare health and the uninterrupted flow of county traffic, the plan also includes the replacement of four major culverts and an extensive regimen of roadside maintenance that will cover 1,800 miles for clearing and trimming unwieldy vegetation off to the sides of our conveyances.

Moreover, not only will the wheels of our vehicles get a smoother ride but so will those of our bicycles, with a promised 250 miles of bike lanes and shoulder sweeps ensuring a safe and tidy path for two-wheel enthusiasts. It is clear that these efforts collectively aim to hedge against the unseen ravages of time and accident, preserving the public coffers by forestalling larger expenditures down the road.

Residents and curious minds looking to parse the finer details of these plans can now access the reams of information on the county's website. One can connect to the Road Maintenance Program, and other valuable resources, which lay out everything from the aforementioned maintenance activities to ambitious Transportation Improvement Projects.

Portland-Transportation & Infrastructure