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Published on June 15, 2024
Worcester Police Seek Public's Aid in Locating Missing Teenager Last Seen in MarylandSource: Facebook/ Worcester Police Department (Official)

The Worcester Police Department has issued a request for public assistance in the case of a missing teenager, Matthew Sharer, age 18, who was last spotted in Maryland and may currently be in the Worcester area. Sharer, whose disappearance has raised concerns, was described as last seen wearing black sweatpants and a silver hoodie. The police have been canvassing the Clement Street area, believing there may be a chance he's found there.

The urgency to locate Sharer is palpable, with law enforcement encouraging anyone who might have a lead or even the slightest piece of information to come forward. Often wearing a silver hoodie and black sweatpants, if you spot someone matching this description, authorities are urging the public to act by calling 911 or reaching out directly to the Worcester Police Department via the direct line at 508-799-8606 with any potentially valuable information. As the community's eyes and vigilance become an extension of the search effort, every second and every tip could edge closer to Sharer’s whereabouts.

This is not the first time the Worcester area has become the focal point in a search for a missing person, yet each instance reverberates with a renewed sense of gravity for those involved. The Worcester Police, by sharing the details and a contact number, are seeking to harness the connectivity of individuals and the collective attention to facilitate Sharer's safe return.

Sharer's family and friends, thrust into an anguishing wait, hope for a conclusion to their ordeal, as the community rally behind them with shared fliers and social media posts. In these situations, a single observed detail by a passerby might very well make the critical difference, and for anyone who happened to be in the Clement Street area, no observation is too insignificant to report.

For continuous updates, stay tuned to local news and check the Worcester Police Department's Facebook page, where the original notice of Sharer's disappearance was first posted. Authorities and the concerned community alike hold onto hope that with the public's help, Sharer will be found unharmed soon.